Medical Cannabis Practitioner Program

California Regulations for the medicinal and adult use of cannabis authorizes (1) health care providers, (2) primary caregivers, (3) cannabis cultivators, and (4) state health care facility (HCF) licensees, to provide cannabis services and products for reasonable compensation.

The Medical Cannabis Practitioner Program provides clinical training for health care providers who are interested in providing services and products for patients who have a physician approval for the medicinal use of cannabis.        


Over 130 health care providers including nurses, chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, pharmacists and physical therapists have completed the MCC Medical Cannabis Practitioner Program.


Participants have the option to complete the Program, ON-LINE or ON-SITE at the MCC located at 52 North Mentor Avenue in Pasadena.  The Program includes 20 hours of person-to-person training and 10 hours of online recorded training.  Training sessions are scheduled around the Participant’s work schedule.  Participants have up to thirty (30) days to complete the Program. The MCC serves as an on-going resource for MCC Practitioners


Session I: Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)

A.  Cannabis as a Complementary and Alternative Medicine

B. Practitioner Liability Protection

a)  SB 577 Practitioner Disclosure Statement

b)  Patient Information on Risks and Side Effects

Session II:  California Medicinal and Adult Use of Cannabis Regulations and Safety Act (MAUCRSA)  

A.  Overview of California Regulations for the Medicinal and Adult Use of Cannabis 

B.  Regulations authorizing (1) health care providers, (2) primary caregivers, (3) cannabis cultivators, and (4) state health care facility (HCF) licensees, to provide cannabis services and products for reasonable compensation 

C.  Regulations regarding the “Retail License Exemption” granted to state health care facility (HCF) licensees who elect to provide cannabinoid-based medicines for their Clients

Session III:  Patient Services

A. The endogenous cannabinoid system (ECS): CB1 and CB2 receptors

B.  Patient Intake Questionnaire

C.  Patient Orientation on the medicinal use of cannabis

D.Cannabinoid-based medicinal formulas

E.  Selecting an ingestion method 

F.   Dosage and titration 

G. Recording patient information on efficacy

Session IV:  CBD and THC Products

A.  Cannabis oil extraction methods

B.  Access to Testing Labs

C.  On-line Training Program on the formulation of CBD products to treat specific medical conditions.  The Training Program is produced by a leading manufacturer of CBD Products

D. Individual cannabis cultivators as an authorized source of cannabinoid-based products

E.   State licensed cannabis manufacturers



Liz McDuffie, Director
Medical Cannabis Caregivers


The MCC issues a Certificate upon completion of the Program.




A full refund is issued if requested by Participant prior to starting Session III.


Please complete the Application Form shown at the end of the “Practitioner Program Description” posted on website.

Applications are reviewed by the Program Director. An interview is scheduled to determine if the Program supports the applicant’s objectives.

For assistance email or Call 626-744-3191 


The MCC was established in 2006 for the purpose of providing an educational program to support the advancement of healthcare services provided under State approved Medical Marijuana Programs.

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