Medical Cannabis Practitioner Program

MEDICAL CANNABIS PRACTITIONER PROGRAM                                                                                                                  The Medical Cannabis Practitioner Program teaches participants how to provide informational services and products as a Medical Cannabis Practitioner.

Although Federal and State laws uphold the physician’s right to approve or recommend a patient’s use of cannabis, Federal law strictly limits what information a physician may provide regarding cannabis.  Physicians are strictly prohibited from discussing ingestion methods, dosage, titration, or formulas for the treatment of specific medical conditions.   

Medical Cannabis Practitioners have an important role in providing the information patients need for the effective use of cannabis in treating a medical condition.     

OPPORTUNITIES FOR MEDICAL CANNABIS PRACTITIONERS                                                                                    Participants in the Medical Cannabis Practitioner Program include chiropractors, massage therapists, herbalists,  acupuncturists, nutritionists, physical therapists and other health care providers who want to expand their health care services to include cannabinoid-based medicines.                                                                                                    

Medical Cannabis Practitioners are needed to assist Health Care Facility (HCF) Licensees who elect to provide cannabinoid-based medicines under California SB 94 “Retail License Exemption” granted to HCF Licensees.            

Medical Cannabis Practitioners have the option to obtain a City license to provide consulting services and CBD products from an office or storefront location.                                                                                                            

Medical Cannabis Practitioners are needed, by operators of State licensed cannabis retail facilities, to assist patients who have a physician’s approval for the medicinal use of cannabis.                                                    

COMPLETING THE PROGRAM                                                                                                                                          Participants have the option to complete the Program ON-LINE or ON-SITE at the MCC Educational Center in Pasadena.  The Program takes approximately thirty (30) hours to complete.  Training sessions may be scheduled around the participant’s work schedule.  Participants have up to thirty (30) days to complete the Program.                

SYLLABUS                                                                                                                                                                                      The Practitioner Program is taught in three (3) Modules.  The Program includes clinical training with patients.

                  MODULE I:  Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)                                                                                              1. Cannabis as a Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)                                                                                          2. State requirements for providing services as a CAM Practitioner                                                                                        3. City Business License as Medical Cannabis Practitioner                                                                                                          4. Legal Entity                                                                                                                                           

MODULE II:  Overview California SB 94 Regulations: medicinal and adult use of cannabis

1. State Agencies
2. Types of Licenses
3. General Regulations
4. “Retail License Exemption” granted to State Health Care Facility (HCF) Licensees
5. The Role of Primary Caregivers and Individual Cultivators under SB 94 Regulations


MODULE III: Medical Cannabis Practitioner Services and Products may provide

1. Consultation regarding   

     (a) cannabinoid-based formulas for treating specific medical conditions

     (b) dosage
     (c) titration
     (d) methods of ingestion
     (e) risks and side effects

2. Cultivation of six (6) cannabis plants on behalf of up to five (5) qualified patients
3. Assisting a qualified patient  in acquiring the skills necessary to cultivate cannabis

4. Assisting a qualified patient in administering medicinal cannabis

5. Assisting a qualified patient in acquiring the skills necessary to administer medicinal cannabis

6. Assisting a patient in obtaining a physician’s approval for the medicinal use of cannabis

7. Monitoring the patient’s treatment results

8. Providing information regarding State Regulations that may effect the patient’s use of cannabis

9. Patient Support Services via Telemedicine


The MCC issues a Certificate upon the completion of the Training Program Modules.

A full refund is made if the Participant withdraws from the Program before beginning Module III.

TO APPLY                                                                                                                                                                            Complete the Registration Form below.   The Practitioner Program Director will contact you to schedule an interview.   For assistance email


The MCC was established in 2006 for the purpose of providing an educational program to support the advancement of healthcare services provided under State approved Medical Marijuana Programs.

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