Medical Cannabis Practitioner Program

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The Practitioner Program is taught under the direction of Liz McDuffie who is approved under the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) Continuing Education Program for the Re-certification of Health Care Facility Licensees and Administrators, to teach California’s Senate Bill 94 Regulations related to the medicinal use of cannabis.  Liz has served as Director of the MCC since 2006.


The Medical Cannabis Caregivers ( Practitioner Program teaches participants how to provide informational services and products as a Medical Cannabis Practitioner.

The MCC is a nonprofit organization established in 2006 to provide information, classes and resources that support the advancement of health care services provided to patients who have a physician’s approval for the medicinal use of cannabis.

Medical Cannabis Practitioners have an important role in the medical cannabis industry by providing the information and assistance patients need for the effective use of cannabis in treating a medical condition.


  • The Medical Cannabis Practitioner Program is taught LIVE, ON-LINE  (Participants have the option to train on-site at the MCC in Pasadena)
  • The Program takes approximately twenty (20) hours to complete
  • Training sessions may be scheduled around the participant’s work schedule
  • Participants have up to thirty (30) days to complete the Program




The Medical Cannabis Program is taught in five (5) Modules.

MODULE I:  Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)

  1. Cannabis as a Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)
  2. State requirements for providing services as a CAM Practitioner
  3. City Business License as Medical Cannabis Practitioner
  4. Legal Entity

MODULE II:  Overview California SB 94: medicinal and adult use of cannabis

  1. State Agencies
  2. Types of Licenses
  3. General Regulations
  4. Retail License Exemption granted to State Health Care Facility (HCF) Licensees

MODULE III: Medical Cannabis Services and Products that an Individual is able to a provide to a patient with a physician’s approval

  1. Cultivation of six (6) cannabis plants on behalf of a patient
  2. Assistance in acquiring the skills necessary to cultivate cannabis for medicinal Use
  3. Assistance in administering medicinal cannabis
  4. Assistance in acquiring the skills necessary to administer medicinal cannabis
  5. Producing tinctures, capsules and salves using a non-volatile oil Extraction
  6. Reasonable Compensation for Services

MODULE IV: Cannabis and CBD Products

  1. Cultivation System
  2. Use of Licensed Kitchen
  3. Use of State licensed cannabis Testing Labs
  4. CBD Product Manufacturers

MODULE V: Patient Informational Services

  1. Basic Patient Information on using cannabis as a medicinal treatment
  2. Formulas for the treatment of specific medical conditions
  3. Determining the optimum dosage
  4. Methods of ingestion
  5. Risks and side effects
  6. Monitoring the patient’s treatment results
  7. State Regulations that effect the patient’s use of cannabis
  8. Providing Patient Services via Telemedicine


The MCC issues a Certificate upon the completion of the Training Program Modules.


A full refund is made if the Participant withdraws from the Program before starting  Module III.

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Applicants are accepted in the Program based on their on-line Application information and interest in the Program.  A pre-registration Interview is scheduled before an Applicant starts the Program.