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Medical Cannabis Caregivers
Primary Caregiver
Certification Program

All Providers of Healthcare Services
are qualified, under California’s Medical Marijuana Program,
to provide medical cannabis services and products
as legitimate Primary Caregivers under the MMP.

In addition to “protection” in providing services and products to their Patients/Clients, who have a physician’s approval for the use of cannabis, SB 420 authorizes the Primary Caregiver to receive “compensation” for medical cannabis services and products provided to a Qualified Patient under the MMP.

The MCC Primary Caregiver Certification Program includes information and resources that will enable a healthcare provider to provide professional services and products to their Patients/Clients who have a physician’s approval for the use of cannabis as a complimentary treatment option.

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The Medical Cannabis Caregivers (MCC) provides Classes and Resources that support the advancement of cannabis as a medicinal treatment option under state approved medical marijuana programs.

The MCC is approved by the State of California Department of Social Services (CDSS) to teach California's Medical Marijuana Program under the CDSS Continuing Education Program for Adult Residential Facility (ARF) Licensees and Administrators.
liz and karenThe MCC teaches Classes on California's Medical Marijuana Program (MMP), cultivation, establishing and operating a Collective or Cooperative under the MMP, producing cannabis based products, and more...

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Do you really know California's Medical Marijuana Program?
MCC 121: California's Medical Marijuana Program Here's your chance to find out. Now Offered ON-LINE!!

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MCC 123: CANNABIS-BASED PRODUCTS: Standards for Production,
Packaging and Labeling

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The MCC provides labeling services for Producing Members, of a Collective or Cooperative, who want their product labeled in compliance with the Sherman Food, Drug and Cosmetic Law.

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The Medical Cannabis Caregivers Institute (MCC) joins the Society of Cannabis Clinicians in the Collection of Data from Qualified Patients under the MMP

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"A Place to Grow"

The Workshop Model is an SB 420 compliant implementation of "enhancing access to cannabis through collective and cooperative cultivation projects". Participants are protected under the Department of Public Health ID Card Program for Qualified Patients and Primary Caregivers under the MMP.

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